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Vault of Glass Opened Earlier Today and More Announcements of future events

Destiny’s first end-game raid, Vault of Glass, opened earlier today but not everyone will qualify for it.  That’s right, this six man fireteam requires characters to be at a level of 26 or higher due to the difficultly. This makes it close to impossible for low level characters to complete. I, myself won’t be able to partake in this Raid as my Titan is still making her way to level 21.

Thou many complaints have surfaced in regards to the way Bungie did not apply a non-friend matchmaking method to Vault of Glass, leaving gamers in a desperate search of a fireteam, but there are ways around this.  You can try joining a clan with a simple search on Bungie or via Destiny app and lets not forget the interaction option found in game.  Make a quick stop to the tower and mingle around and you are bound to find a few new friends.  It may be a challenge but with so many eager to find friends for the Vault of Glass raid don’t let it discourage you from interacting with fellow gamers.

With that, players will be given a week to complete the raid as Bungie does not expect players to complete the raid in just one sitting. However, for those who do manage to complete it, they will receive raid set gear and ascendant materials as a reward.  As one team already completed Vault of Glass earlier today and was acknowledged by Bungie via twitter:

                        “Congratulations to for completing the Raid. Now, try it on hard tier. “

Bungie challenges gamers to push to a harder difficulty, but if once was enough for you then there is still more to come as other events will follow.

Recent announcements say that we can expect COMBINED ARMS to be available this weekend and QUEEN’S WRATH is set to open on Tuesday, September 23rd, and will remain open till October 6th.  With just a week into the release of Destiny we can already start to see the potential promised by Bungie.

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