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History of Sony’s Remote-Play feature

Remote play has been a feature that Sony has been trying to get fully functional ever since the PSP. Playstation’s first portable included a remote-play feature that would allow you to connect with your PS3 and should’ve allowed you to play all your games streaming from the console to the portable, unfortunately this was not the case.


The PSVita then came along last year touting this same feature, people were hopeful that the feature would finally be available now, but once more it wasn’t really functional. It allowed you to play a few games here and there, again not any game you wanted.

On February 20th, Sony had a conference revealing the PS4 and during that conference they took out some time for some Vita exposure. During this time they displayed a full PS4 game, Knack, playable on the PSVita.


When gamers laid their eyes on this long overdue feature, they were hopeful once more and guess what? We were shot down again when it was stated that not all PS4 games would have this feature at the start but rather over-time, and now Sonys updated their PS4 site with a picture displaying Killzone: Shadow-fall playable on the PSVita with the captions, “PS4 Games in the Palm of Your Hands” and “Play your favorite PS4™ games on your PlayStation®Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display using Remote Play”.

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The, “Play your favourite PS4 games” part just makes me wonder if this feature will ever be fully functional. I then realized that I had forgotten that Sony had acquired Gaikai.  Gaikai is a cloud service that allows for streaming of content and Sony intends to use it for gaming. This difference from the past gives me hope that Remote-Play will finally be fully functional and I’ll be able to play any game I desire, where ever I wish.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this feature will rise to occasion, E3 is around the corner and the PS4 should be not far after that.


7 comments on “History of Sony’s Remote-Play feature

  1. Andrew Walter Garrett

    Crossing fingers. I'm holding onto my Vita for this reason. Such a beautiful piece of hardware, such wasted potential thus far..

  2. sony said in february-every game would support remote play excluding move only games etc… so I don't know where you are getting some of your info from, infact tey said that like trophies it was mandatory that developers put a ps vita control scheme into their games before they'd be allowed through certification :p

  3. Rik Garth

    Just use a CFW PS3 and you can now play ANY PS3 games on the Vita. The only thing stopping you from playing any game now is Sony themselves. Ask them WHY they don't enable Remote Play for all games now? Tomb Raider works very nicely via Remote Play. Aliens Colonial Marines also works great. That's just 2 new games so its not like "The new ones wont work" as I just said they do. Older games work great also. Anyone for a portable version of Skyrim? Or GT5 on the portable?

    Ask Sont WHY they wont turn the feature on after so many years of having it and not using it. There is no excuse.

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