Destiny Patch 1.0.2: Fans Are Finally Being Heard, or Are They?

Every since the release of Destiny, players have complained of their endless frustrations with Cryptarch’s method of decrypting engrams.  After playing for hours in hopes of a legendary drop, even camping the infamous cave in Old Russia, only to have Cryptarch decode their legendary helm into nothing more then low rate material has left fans disappointed.  It’s been a little over two weeks now and our complaints are finally being heard… right?  As Bungie reports that it’s new patch, which will go live next week, promises us a change in Cryptarch’s way decrypting engrams, guaranteeing us that “engrams will always decode into items at or above the quality of an engram.”

Let’s take a look at the patch details:

Cryptarch Changes
Cayde-6 took the Cryptarch aside and showed him a sack of doorknobs. He decoded that mystery pretty quickly.
  • Legendary Engrams will always produce Legendary or better quality items, including Materials or Exotics
  • Rare Engrams will always produce Rare or better quality items
  • Rare engrams will have an increased chance to produce Legendary quality items
Activity Changes
  • Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics, and Vanguard: Tiger Playlist activities will include Rare and Legendary Engrams in addition to their existing rewards
Item Changes
  • Ascendant materials have been promoted to Legendary to closer associate them with the gear they are used to upgrade
  • Legendary Engram items that exist in your inventory will be demoted to Rare quality when the patch goes live, so decode them while you can. But let’s be honest–even if you don’t, we all know they were blues already…

Will this be the first step towards Bungie’s efforts to fix the many problems that have surfaced over the past few days?  With gamers already considering to give Destiny another try with the announcement of this new patch, Bungie might just gain back some gamer support.  However many still feel loot drops is the least of their worries as they feel game play remains dull and dry with repetitive missions and bounties.  They also feel that certain aspects of the game should not lack the matchmaking ability.

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