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Official Xbox News Site launched

Wondering where you can keep up with the latest on Xbox? Well Microsoft has your solution with Xbox Wire , a website that offers updates in the world of Xbox. The Website so far includes five tabs and its seems it was created for the May 21st event as well E3 2013.

Four Tabs Xbox WireThe Xbox reveal tab will provide updates on Microsoft’s event set to take place on May 21st, where they’re is believed to finally reveal the next generation Xbox and finally take some of the media light from rival company Sony who announced their next iteration of their home console with the Playstation 4 during the Feb 20th Event that took place recently.

The Xbox 360, Games and Entertainment tabs include what you would expect, updates on new Xbox bundles, DLC packs, Xbox applications. Same goes for the E3 2013 tab which will include updates on the Microsoft briefing set to take place June 10th, 2013 12:30 pm ET.

Xbox Wire E32013 updatesThis update section is also included in the Xbox Reveal tab, hopefully they include streaming for the conferences.


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