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Destiny Players Aren’t Wasting Anytime: Infinite Ammo Cheats

It hasn’t been a week since Bungie’s, highly anticipated, Destiny hit shelves and the hackers of the gaming world have tainted it already.  Destiny cheats and hacks have already started spreading promising player’s unlimited ammo, glimmer, and much more.  A simple search on youtube produces several videos ranging from tutorials and bypassed bans.  The video below is one of the tutorials showing gamers that they can in fact get unlimited ammo.

For  anyone who has played the game knows ammo is not limited as long as your playing the game, as in, it is as simple as taking down a few creatures or purchasing ammo from the gunsmith at the tower.  Even in crucible we are given a sufficient amount of ammo via drops so why risk getting banned for things that are already accessible in the game?  Better yet, why take away from an MMO when the whole point of an MMO is to grind, level up, and plan for days on in?

I, like many gamers, hope that Bungie will be able to shut this down as quickly as possible.  What are your thoughts?

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