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Bethesda to Announce a New Game?

Bethesda has disclosed that Gamespot will be revealing a new game today. Now, I bet the first title that rushed to the top of your mind was Fallout 4, sadly this is not the case. Bethesda also let it be known that this new game has no relation to any of their in-house projects, making this a game that Bethesda is publishing from another developer. Gamespot currently has a couple of pictures posted up along with a hash-tag with the year, “#1960” . I have yet to figure out the meaning behind this year but we’ll find out soon enough.

Here are all the pictures currently released.


Bethesda Have announced the new game to be a new entry in the Wolfenstein series known as, “Wolfenstein: The New Order” . The game will be heading to  PC,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360, PlayStation 4,Next-Xbox Q4 this yea.

New Order will take place in 1960 and the Nazis at this time have won the second world war. Gamers will play as BJ Blazkowicz who also was the lead in the 2009 , “Wolfenstein”. Players will be tasked with creating an, “Impossible-counter-offensive” against the Nazi super powers that have taken over the world. The game will take place in Europe where the New Order will have players infiltrating strongholds and fighting legions of enemies with super weapons that the Nazis have used to take over the world and beyond.

The game is currently under development at MachineGames, a sub-company of Zenimax (Parent company of Bethesda).

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