SHOW CASE 505 GEMS OF WAR Press Preview

505 Games Showcase: Gems of War

IGEMS OF WARn a recent showcase presented by 505 Games we, at Game Rekon, were able to get exclusive access to mobile game Gems of War.  This puzzle game is brought to us by the original creators of Puzzle Quest, being called it’s “spiritual successor” as it evolves this new and unique game genre.  It holds the characteristics of a three way mash up of a puzzle, RPG, and strategy style gameplay. With vivid colors and astonishing art work Gems of War is visually appealing. This game takes a fun and interesting approach towards card game battles using match three mechanics and giving mana regeneration a twist with its puzzle format. There are many ways to go about playing this game with an open strategy concept put into play there is no one way to go about your battles.  Players can choose to take away the advantage from their opponents by claiming their preferred gem colors.  By doing this players can extinguish their opponent’s ability to level up their troops.  Players can also go head on by leveling up their own troops and attacking their opponent.  Gems of War will consists of kingdoms and every kingdom will provide players with quests, each one consisting of a basic storyline players can follow through.  Troops are presented in a card like format each with health, attack and defense levels. Troops will also have the ability to be trained, which will then increase their powers. Card characters will have a unique power tied into them, like transforming gems into a more useful color or even having the ability to regenerate armor to support your troops in battle.  Each troop will have a color or dual color associated to them which refers to their mana source color.  Mana source is crucial as it helps your troop level up their special ability.  By matching the right gem colors in the puzzle aspect of the game you are able to generate the special powers for your troopsThe leveling system is said to be set at a sufficient level that will keep players entertained for quite a while.  Players can collect gold, souls, and keys which all prove to be beneficial to building one’s army. Keys are used to unlock troops and souls are used to upgrade those very troops.  With over 100 characters you can level up and over 200 quests with kingdoms to unlock and a PvP mode, where you can invade a random opponent, Gems of War proves it to be worth looking into.  There has been no official release date set for this game but Gems of War is said to be made available to mobile platforms.  So be sure to keep an eye out for Gems of War.

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