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Three One Zero and 505 Games New Space Experience Game ADR1FT

Three One Zero and 505 Games announced their new first person experience game ADR1FT has set into motion with its reveal at the 2014 Game Awards.

ADR1FT is a story about an astronaut who is waken up in space in the debris of a destroyed space station.  Alone with a severally damaged EVA suite and no memory of what has happened you are left with no way home.  Battling the environment to accomplish your mission to ensure your safe arrival back home to earth.  ADR1FT will immerse you in a beautiful world of science fiction as you set out to explore the wreckage you find yourself in.  Stuck in zero gravity desperately seeking out for resources as the story begins to unfold itself in this emotional whirlwind of battling the forces of space takes its toll.

ADR1FT Screenshot 02

ADR1FT will be available for Playstation4, Xbox One and STEAM in the Summer of 2015. We can also look forward to seeing it hit Virtual Reality (VR) platforms as well in the future.

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Check Out ADR1FT First Look Trailer Below: