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Not the Gotham City We Expected

As a fan of Batman I was definitely looking forward to watching Gotham, a new superhero television series created by Bruno Heller.  This series is about Gordon’s early days as a detective in Gotham City, life before Batman in a sense.

In watching the first episode it took only a matter of minutes for my jaw to drop as I was shocked to see the introduction of Selina.  Early into the episode she witnesses the death of both Thomas and Martha Wayne!  Now was that really necessary?  I can accept that many stories steer away from their original story when moving from comic to the big screen but COME ON!  The idea is to portray a story that leads up to the present one we know today, not dismantle it completely in order to make unnecessary connections between the characters for the sake familiarity.  Yes at some point Bruce and Selina do cross paths, but did it really have to be that obscure? Did it really have to be that alley?  At that exact moment in which the very seed that is to become Batman was planted.

If that wasn’t enough the episode continues this charade by overflowing us with character introductions and pointless ties between characters.  In the first episode alone we meet James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle, Ivy Pepper, and more.   I think that it should have taken more then just the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents to shed light on these characters rather than just force feeding them to us.   This makes me wonder how far can they really go with this series.

Though there wasn’t much promise in the pilot, to me,  I have not closed the door on the show just yet.  I really do want to love this show and will stay tuned for the next episode, on September 29th.

What did you think of Gotham?

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