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Gotham City Is Having Serious Cat Problems

As per my last article it’s obvious that the characters are not misused to tell the story of Gotham before Batman.  Last night’s episode kept a somewhat decent story nothing too crazy but the show is just starting so that’s okay. Bruce Wayne, Edward Nygma, Oswald Cobblepot, and Selina Kyle all still make an appearance in this episode. Bruce Wayne’s appearance was somewhat tolerable, in that his part in the story was subtle enough to not feel the need to pick and prod at. Riddler very briefly said his two cents, though I think he could have been cut out of the episode entirely, but that’s just me. I will say this though, I do not mind Penguin’s character at all. I think his character is growing at a decent pace and he takes on his own story without forcing it into everything else on the show. However we can’t say the same for Selina.

Selina, Selina, Selina, where do I start? Selina is portrayed as teenager who’s tough, smooth, and smart. She lingers on in the background seeing things watching from afar never interfering.  The problem however is that Selina tends to feel like a bit of a contradiction. No? She lingers and she sneaks about yet she’s so pounced in the show I’m confused as to what role she is playing.  She really  is starting to look like a character in the show that the creators find necessary to incorporate in EVERY LITTLE THING. So the case of missing teenagers in Gotham city, she is present at the first attempt of kidnapping we see, witnesses it and runs away. Then later in the show she’s put on bus with more teenagers to be sent to Juve and yes you guessed it, she is on the very bus that gets hijacked and is now one of the kidnapped.


After all is said and done, the bad guys are caught and Gotham can rest easily now and the teenagers are gathered once again to be sent to Juve. Now this is the part that killed the episode, for me, in the same way Selina’s presence in the alley way did in the previous episode. Selina wants to make a deal in hopes it will keep her out of juvenile detention. You’re probably thinking, well what’s the big deal right? Well lets see, she asks to speak to Detective Gordon and has this to say, “I know who really killed the Waynes, I saw him clear as day”. Now what? Does our future Catwoman help solve the murder of the Waynes? Am I mistaken or is this not just the second episode. With this information we can assume Selina won’t be going to juve after all, though I wish she would.

We have to keep in mind that Gotham is about the city before our famed and beloved superheroes and villains come into play. It should maintain its own story of Detective Gordon with mild, and I mean very mild, hints of background stories of these characters. Nothing more.

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