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Everything that happened the day before the Xbox Reveal

The next Xbox reveal is finally upon us, just hours away. Rumours of DRM, the Xbox’s specs, the name, etc can be laid to rest tomorrow or so we believe. The days of fanboys arguing over which console will reign supreme with little to no facts but rather rumours backing their debates shall be behind us. The day before a major event such as this, is one that will be littered with leaks or pre-event official announcements. Here is what happened the day before the Xbox reveal.

Remember the days where Nintendo and sega would go at with commercials? Well its back, kinda. Sony have already announced their entry into the next generation but Microsoft has yet to do the same. Sony has been getting a lot of press praising the console and its support for developers and they don’t want to lose the spotlight anytime soon. So today, they unleashed a teaser trailer for the PS4 and how it will look. They had it blurred out on video and little strips and parts of the the console being flashed onto the screen. This simple little trailer got people’s attention and to release it the day before the Xbox reveal was no coincidence.

Forzavista“, a feature that might make an appearance in the next Forza Motorsport, which might be on stage tomorrow. It was trademarked by Microsoft and this was the description posted with it.

“a feature of interactive video game software which allows players to obtain statistical information of internal and external features of a vehicle and to virtually navigate and operate those vehicles.”(Credit).


It would make some sense to bring a racing game to challenge Sony’s announcement of Drive Club at their press conference.

Fifa 14 was announced to make an appearance at tomorrow’s conference by EA after they posted a cover picture on the official Facebook Page with the caption,”See The Next Generation of Fifa”.


 EA also announced another game that will be joining Fifa which is UFC. The license to produce UFC games was originally owned by THQ but EA bought it after the company went under.(Link) It was tweeted from the EA UFC twitter account that details on future UFC games will be given at tomorrow’s event and once again along with a picture. (Link)


This is pretty much what happened today but be ready for tomorrow where the real announcements will take place. Finally fellow gamers, the next generation will soon be in full swing and we’ll be able to stare at more polygons on screen. You can catch the event on , Xbox Live and Spike TV at 10 am PDT and be sure to come back here for a recap and opinion articles.

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