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EA press Conference Recap

Peter Moore opened the conference by saying eleven new games will be launched by EA for the main consoles. First up was a new title, plants vs zombies garden warfare. This will be a third person action game by Popcap Games for the Xbox 360 and ps3. It was showcased in a game mode similar to Horde mode of Gears of War or Nazi zombies of Call of duty.
Second was Peggle 2.

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Then Respawn Entertainment came out to showcase Titanfall, a first person shooter in a futuristic setting, taking players both in the boots and into large mechs. The game will be out for Xbox one, Xbox 360 and

Then the president of EA came out to announce two new engines, the sports engine Ignite and frostbite 4. The latter was showcased during the announcement of a new Star Wars Battlefront game and Need for Speed Rivals. Yes, Battlefront is back.

Also, Need for Speed the movie was showcased.

Then, Bioware showcased Dragon age inquisition set to fall 2014.

The next host of EA sports games were then presented on their new engine, the first being NBA live ’14 and its new dribbling physics to make gameplay feel organic. Secondly, Madden NFL 25 took the stage and put even further emphasis on realism, true physics, and enhanced AI. Thirdly, FIFA ’14 opened up, and was showcased by rapper Drake, and a playable demo was announced to be held on the show floor. and then a cringe worthy presentation of UFC ’14 which was redeemed by President of the UFC Dana White.

Finally, Battlefield 4 hit the stage, and damn did it hit. command mode made a triumphant return from Battlefield 2. also, a direct demo was showcased, live, with 64 players. the map they were playing on, known as the seige of shanghai, looks GIGANTIC, with the team playing capturing a SKYSCRAPER with tons of destructible environments, and is literally collapsible. if all this finds its way into the final game, it will be one dmna

Oh, yeah, and Mirrors Edge 2.

It’s going to be a great year for EA.