Aladdin: How Do You Like Them Apples?!

Aladdin is a platform game developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo and designed by Shinji Mikami. It is based on the Disney movie, Aladdin. Playing this genuinely made you feel like you were watching the movie. The storyline was a near identical match to the actual movie with a few added differences. It included fellow Disney characters, such as Jasmine, Abu, Genie and of course the evil menace Jafar. Aladdin is a side-scrolling platformer game that took a different route when it came to presentation and gameplay.

There is only one playable character in this game, Aladdin. As you play you will have your trusty sidekick Abu, though he doesn’t assist you in anyway nothing say beware like having a monkey by your side. Aladdin‘s weapon of choice? A bunch of apples. That’s right apples!! During the game you will come across apples which you collect. They are then used to stun palace guards leaving you enough time to take them out.  How you ask? By jumping on their head of course. Aside from your apple stunning abilities you will be able to jump on the heads of your enemies.  You will also be able to execute several acrobatic maneuvers like vaulting off stumps, and swinging off protruding objects.  Get to high enough ground and you can glide down with the use of a rag.  Poverty at it’s finest?

In each level of Aladdin you will find several items some of which will be vases and treasure chests.  Within them you will find either apples, healing items or the Golden Scarab. Now you want to be sure to catch this little guy before he gets away as he provides you with a mini game. These mini games can give you health and extra lives. You will also come across various diamonds which you can also collect to unlock bonus stages. Now by collecting 70 red diamonds players able to unlock an extra challenge. Collecting is key.

Aladdin took the foundation of the movie and took it a bit further by incorporating a bit more action for us no holds bar gamers.  It took apples and gave it a new purpose and fulfilled our childhood belief that with a piece of rag you can fly, or glide. All things aside I loved this game and played it countless times as a kid. Flying carpet rides while being chased by lava!! Let’s not forget the heartfelt ending as a new law is passed and the princess is free to marry whoever she wants as Jasmine and Aladdin proclaim their love for one another and they set free our lovely blue Genie. This game really does throw happily ever after in your face.

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