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Mega Man X: The Innovation of Our Little Blue Bot

Mega Man X, known in Japan as Rockman X, was developed by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was first published in Japan on December 12, 1993 and was released in both North America and Europe the next year. With the NES running at 8 bits Mega Man X was the first Mega Man game for the 16-bit console SNES. This allowed the Mega Man franchise to reconstruct itself. Mega man was revolutionized with better graphics which made him more sleeker and more pronounced in detail.

Mega Man X is set in a futuristic world populated by both humans and “Reploids”, robots capable of thinking, feeling, and growing like their human creators. The game follows the protagonist Mega Man X, an android member of a military task force called the “Maverick Hunters”. With the help of his new buddy Zero, Mega Man must stop Sigma, a powerful Maverick, from bringing the humans to their demise.

mega man x

Along with the enhanced graphics in Mega Man X gameplay was also tweaked. His abilities were no longer limited to running, jumping, and blasting enemies but he could now dash, wall jump, and switch weapons on the fly. Mega Man could also increase the span of his health as well as upgrade his suit piece by piece to complete a set of all-new armor, but that’s not all. The bosses became more imaginative, the usual villains of the game consisted of men such as Jet Man or Glue Man now transformed into Chill Penguin and Flame Mammoth.

When looking back Mega Man X was one of the most memorable games for me. After its long awaited release it was defiantly the next step in the Mega Man franchise.  It brought more to the table and advanced 8-bit game play to whole new level. When you can take a game and play it in an age of high definition and portable gaming and still enjoy it the way you did over a century ago, well, you know the game is great.  For me Mega Man X is one of those very games.  If you’ve played it before you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, you should.

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