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The Return of this game will make me Consider a Xbox One

I know you’re probably reading this title and thinking, “this guy is not serious”, but I am. Let me say this again to put some emphasis on what I’m actually saying, I will Consider purchasing a Xbox One if this franchise returns. I still am upset about how Microsoft is playing the game this time around and hate that they have ownership of this IP. They’ve left it in the dust ever since the end of the original Xbox and it kills me how it has been dormant for so long. This developer used to work with Nintendo and was purchased by Microsoft in 2002, Rare.


Rare was at the top of their game when they were developing for Nintendo. Their games ranged from 007 Goldeneye, a shooter that many believe revolutionized the FPS genre, to Killer Instinct, a fighter that hasn’t had another entry into the franchise for ten plus years and yet gamers still have it on their minds . This should be evidence enough of how amazing this developer was and why I would even think of buying an Xbox One. Now I said, “was”, and for a good reason. Over the years they’ve lost many team members and even the founders left and I don’t think the spark exists anymore in this once legendary dev-team but this doesn’t mean someone else can’t take over development. This could be similar to Halo and 343 or Sly Cooper and Sanzaru Games, whom both consist of developers who are fans of the previous games which resulted in Halo 4 and Sly 4 turning out to be great.

Sly 4

With the latest entry in the franchise releasing in 2005 and nothing after leaves me with little hope that it could return but it’s a new console generation and many things are possible. Finally, the game that I’ve been hyping up is Conker’s Bad Fur day, a game that hasn’t had a true sequel since the original game release in 2001. Conkers: Live & Reloaded was in a sense, an HD remake of the original with some team-based multiplayer thrown in there.

I wonder why he was so sad?

I wonder why he was so sad?

This wasn’t a game I played once or twice and let it go, this is a game I’ve finished 5 times with original and twice with the remake. I played the game to the point where I basically memorized where all the money stacks were (Fans of the game will know what I’m talking about). I not only put time in the single player but also in the multiplayer, I remember spending hours upon hours playing the original four player death match, just give me my Katana, a couple of chumps and I’ll be on my way.

Fans probably could still recite the whole song to this day.

Fans probably could still recite the whole song to this day.

This game was amazing in what it did, basically a Scary Movie of the video game world. We have like a zillion of those, why can’t we have another Conkers? I still remember my favourite part of the game, actually make that two favourite parts of the game.The first one was the Saving Private Ryan part, you had guns blazing, arms and legs flying left and right, explosions and bullets storming everywhere. I loved using the guns to blow Tediz into oblivion and manoeuvring through tunnels filled with lasers, battling Tedi doctors, destroying watch towers with a tank to meeting a devious little robot girl who actually is a part of a giant Tedi boss that she controls and this is all just a part of the game. Another part that I really loved was the matrix section and honestly there is not much to say besides who doesn’t love shooting bullets in slow motion while jumping in the air?

Honestly it’s such a waste to have an amazing IP like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and do nothing with it for so long. I understand that Rare has basically become a Kinect only developer but that shouldn’t mean that their old IPs have to die. Give them to developers that can do great things with them and Xbox One might have a stronger first party line up to look forward too.

I’m most likely not going to purchase an Xbox One because a games console shouldn’t be so confusing. They’ve made it clear in some parts how everything is going to work out regarding used games but I’ll feel better when I get someone’s personal opinion on how things work, so basically wait until someone buys it, reviews it and puts the review on the web. I hate that this IP is apart of a company that doesn’t seem to care much about gaming anymore but sadly that’s the case. I will consider a purchase of the Xbox One if this game returns to its former glory and it must be returning for a trilogy and not just one game. E3 is upon us fellow gamers and I can’t wait to see what is announced.

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