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Razer has introduced the Razer Nabu, an innovative wearable technology that delivers notifications like emails, calls, texts, and app alerts from your smartphone right to your wrist.  It will be available starting December 2nd in North America.  It can be found at the RazerStore and at several select retailers as other regions will follow later on.  The Razer Nabu will be set at $99.99 (in North America).

The Razer Nabu is made from certified hypo-allergenic materials and will eventually be available in four colors, including green, white, orange and black (black will be the first color to launch with the others following later).  The Razer Nabu will come in two sizes–small-medium and medium-large.  Aside from its gorgeous and sleek design it will have the ability to log activity data for self-analysis and better living.  It will have band-to-band capabilities for social discovery, multiplayer gaming and more. It will be compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and 6 as well as Android 4.3 and up devices.  The battery life of the Razer Nabu is said to last 5 to 7 days and it will also be IP54 water resistant.  The Razer Nabu has a 128×32 pixel screen as well as an accelerometer and cylindrical vibration motor.

“The Razer Nabu has undergone extensive consumer and developer testing, all of which is providing feedback toward the final retail-ready device,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO, Razer.  “This has ensured that with all the features polished—discreet notifications, fitness tracking, social capabilities and more—the Razer Nabu is a device that has something cool in-store for everyone.”

For more information on the Razer Nabu, visit here.



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