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Xbox Reveal Highlights Recap

The Xbox reveal Has come and is now over, if you’ve missed it, here is a recap of the event.

Here is the Xbox ONE. It will release later this year it will include 8GB ram (assumed GDDR 3 vs PS4 GDDR5), 8 CPU Core, 500 GB Drive, Blu-ray Drive , 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct.

Xbox UI 

Gestures, Instant switching, Snap Mode. One thing that Microsoft focused on is the console itself and what it could do in relation to entertainment.

You’ll have gestures that are recognized by Kinect. Gestures that allow to snap in and out of windows. You can be watching a video and then just take both of your hands and grab the sides of the TV window (Gesture wise) and either close with an inward  gesture with both hands or outward. Snap Mode allows you to multi-task with your Xbox ONE. This feature is something we’ve seen with windows 8, you can be watching a trailer for a movie and then buy tickets at the same time with a little side screen and use an app to buy tickets for the movie. Along with all this more live TV and live updates will be available for sport events.


EA showed a new FIFA,NBA,UFC,Madden and a new an engine to power them all Ignite.

Microsoft Studios 

Microsoft have stated it will bring 15 exclusive games on the first year of XBOX ONE and 8 will be new games. FORZA 5 and Quantum Break were also announced and along with this a new Halo live action show will be coming as well.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

It was expected that COD: Ghosts would be here and this is what they showed


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