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The Old Way of the Video Games industry is returning?

Businesses have rivals and compete to be on top, some companies out right bash their competitors. This existed in our industry once upon a time but since then has disappeared, it came to be that a company should be civil and polite but it seems that things are going to change. Does anyone remember the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo? “Nintendon’t” was the word used by Sega in its commercial  campaign calling out what the Sega Genesis could do and Nintendo’s console couldn’t.


They had these magazine posts as well as commercials to follow. Commercials displaying 16 bit power and, “Blast Processing” .

The first commercial is simple, Genesis does 16 bit arcade and Sports action while Nintendon’t. (Com 1)

If you don’t have, “Blast Processing”, then what do you have? The Second commercial here is about the processing capability advantage that the Sega Genesis has over the Super Nintendo. (Com 2)

Then lets fast forward to now, with Sony and Microsoft. Sony unveiled its entry into the next generation of console and was praised by many fans and developers, months went by and Microsoft was set to announce their console but Sony wasn’t gonna make it easy.

They first started with the teaser reveal of the Playstation 4, a blurry video that showed the console in the background while snippets of the PS4 in clear picture were flashing on screen. They released this little monster the day before the Xbox One reveal.

Then came some more direct hits at Microsoft and their console staring first with Playstation EU official Twitter stating, “If you haven’t seen our PS4 teaser video, where have you been?! As it’s a slow news day… here it is“. This was unleashed the day of the console unveiling, making it seem like nothing important was to be announced that day.


That was not the only hit you would see that day, Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE World Wide Studios gave his little jab to the Xbox reveal. When asked by Jim Reilly (Former IGN and Game informer writer) what he thought about the Xbox One he responded with this, “Hi Jim, sorry I was back to sleep. You asked about HTC One?“. Once again playing the Xbox reveal off as if it did not happen and if it did, nobody should really care. 


I know this might not be as big of a hit as, “Nintendon’t”, but it’s a start and I enjoyed it as I’m pretty sure many other fans of both sides did.

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