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Steam: 10 Free-to-Play Games This Weekend

Steam does it again offering players 10 free-to-play games this weekend.  So if your running low on cash and have nothing to play this weekend head to Steam and have your pick from 10 games.  All you need is a steam account.  Don’t have one? It will only take a matter of minutes to create one.  Open access to these games started earlier today and will continue until October 19th 1pm PST.  Some available titles will included 505 games action-packed first person shooter game Payday 2, and Klei Entertainment’s survival game Don’t Starve.  See below for full list of games.

Free-To-Play Weekend Games:

  • Payday 2
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Awesomenauts
  • Don’t Starve
  • Trine 2: Complete Story
  • Grind 2
  • Killing Floor
  • Blade Symphony
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Unlimited Edition

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