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Mighty No.9: The Resurrection of Mega Man?

Mighty No. 9, developed by Comcept, is a new and upcoming game that maybe some of you haven’t heard about.  This game resembles the traits of our beloved Mega Man.  From first glance we notice the similarities as well as in the character’s abilities.  Mighty No. 9 is a Japanese side-scrolling action game by Keiji Inafune and a team of veteran Mega Man devs.  As we all know we can never get enough of Mega Man, and Comcept recognized that and has, in a sense, resurrected our favorite blue bot in their own way.  Comcept is an independent Japanese game design and development studio that was founded in 2010.  There is no set release date that we are aware of as it appears the game is still in development.  Reaching their goal on Kickstarter, we can expect Mighty No.9 to come to life maybe sometime next year perhaps?

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Check Out Some Mighty No. 9 Gameplay: