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God of War 4 at E3? Maybe Not.

I have been a fan of the God of War series since the beginning, starting with the original on the PS2. I remember one day, I was deciding on getting God of war or gowArea 51 for the PS2, so I decided on getting Kratos’s debut adventure and have been hooked on his story to seek revenge upon the Gods for what they’ve done to him ever since. Four console games and two portable games later, we’re now close to a possible reveal of a sequel to God of War 3.

As many GOW fans were, I was pretty excited at the possibility of returning to kratos’s next adventure, I liked Ascension but I’m not really a fan of prequels. I then began thinking if this is GOW 4 or DLC for Ascension or even a PSVita God of War game but I would think Ready at Dawn would handle the handheld version. I decided to put whatever info together in one place to get some idea on the whole matter.

First thing is the reveal by Twitch, that Santa Monica Studios would be live streaming something during E3 using their service. Here is the schedule.

God of War 4?

2:30 Pm

(For more info on the Schedule)

Ok, so this told us that they are going to be present at E3 and unlike some of the other developers, there is no game but rather a TBA, so expect something not Hohokum related. Alright, then Santa Monica studios Tweet a picture of the God of War dev team testing out , “things to come” .


A video tweet was followed via Vine (The Video) and it’s basically what the previous picture was but rather in motion, with two of the team members playing what seems to be something co-op related or a battle of some sort between the members. All the other devs were in the background enjoying the action on screen and we’re left with a view of the team. The tweets afterwards acknowledge E3 but they don’t state that the team will be there.

I'm to hyped to relaxed!

I’m too hyped to be relaxed!

Now, the tweet with the screenshot of the team had, “#GodofWar team”, in there. This could let you to believe that their reveal at E3 will most likely be something GOW related but that doesn’t have to be the case. They just said the GodofWar team and this is what made me remember an old Job post the company had but later took off. (Link to the full job description)

Look at the last two lines.

Look at the last two lines.

Now, I’m pretty sure many GOW fans remember this post. FPS/TPS from the God of War dev team? I’m intrigued! When I read the Vehicle combat part I was left wondering if this could be a sequel to StarHawk? Light Box Interactive was the team that cooperatively worked on the game with Sony Santa Monica but their contract with Sony finished last year (Link).

I'll be back...

I’m coming back…

So it could be a great possibility, I for one would love a sequel or a, “spiritual sequel”, to Star Hawk. I had fun with the game on the PS3 and I can only imagine what they can do with the power of the PS4. This could be completely off but in the end it’s what I was able to gather together.

Fellow gamers, the video gamer’s super bowl is happening next week and I’m pumped to see what everyone will bring to the table as I’m sure many of you are.

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