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EA Sports Announces FIFA World’s NEW GAMEPLAY ENGINE

EA Sports announces today  that EA SPORTS FIFA World, a free-to-play PC game, launched a new gameplay engine, the game’s biggest update yet.  FIFA World will bring the FIFA experience to fans all over the globe.  From attacking Intelligence, which gives teammates the ability to analyze the play and better position themselves to create a variety of attacking opportunities, to Complete Dribblingadds creativity in attack by allowing fans to utilize precise dribble touches while facing defenders.  This new engine sets new standards by also including First Touch Control and so much more like six new stadiums and the availability of 10 different languages.

“The new engine gives fans an even better, more realistic football experience while still keeping the game fun and accessible for fans around the world,” said Line Producer Alex Grimbley. “And it all comes only six weeks after our New Season update, where we gave fans the ability to keep and use players from previous seasons in their current FIFA Ultimate Team squads, allowing fans even more possibilities when building their teams.”

EA SPORTS FIFA World and the new gameplay engine update are available on Origin now.  You can start building your club for free by registering here.


FIFA WORLD New Gameplay Engine Trailer Below: