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Destiny’s The Queen’s Wrath Now Open

Today Destiny opens up The Queen’s Wrath which is said to bring new missions and a set of bounties offered by the Queen to fight off enemies of the Reef.  These bounties can be found at the Bounty Tracker. Along with the crucible and vanguard bounties, a new row of bounties will appear. These are the new Reef bounties to complete for the Queen.


These bounties from first glance don’t actually look all that “new” but rather re-branded bounties we’ve come across before in common vanguard bounties. Such missions as the one you see below.


However by completing these bounties you do receive reputation points towards the Queen’s Wrath faction which proves to be quite beneficial. By building up these reputation points you can use it to then unlock new awards from the Queen’s Emissary, Petra Venji, who can be found at the tower. By ranking up the Queen’s emissary to level 3 your unlocks will consist of quality weapons, at a 267 attack rate.  The Emissary is located in an area that was once closed off, behind the bounty tracker.  Refer to video below.

Destiny’s The Queen’s Wrath will be open till October 6th giving players about two weeks to complete missions, bounties, rank up the Queen’s emissary, complete kill orders, and unlock gear.  So time’s a-wastin’.

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