Destiny’s Glitchville

Some of you may already know this and others may not but often enough with games like Destiny we come across glitches. Some of which are simple and can be patched up quickly as other really effect the game if not dealt with quickly. I wrote earlier this month about unlimited ammo glitches being plastered over the web and now we have yet another glitch, which I have decided to call Glitchville. A cave, found on earth, filled with endless waves of creatures re-spawning. Often you will not be alone, as many will join in on this glitch. Farming from everything to ammo, gear, weapons, engrams, strange coins, and so much more. Some gamers have even obtained legendary drops from this cave.  Not to mention this method has proven to be a great way to quickly level up on XP.

destiny glitchville gamerekon

b957225b-f129-450b-a58e-e7cd367e20aeFor those taking advantage of this glitch and doing what most took days to do are praising Glitchville whereas others are in protest to its use. One fan had this to say.

So far there is no cap to how long you spend on this cave. Eventually we can expect Bungie to fix this but until then players are continuing to abuse this glitch.

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