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505 Games Showcase: How to Survive’s Storm Warning Edition

505 Games has introduced a noteworthy line-up of interesting games for both gaming consoles and mobile platforms alike.  In a recent showcase presented by 505 Games we, at Game Rekon, were able to get exclusive access to some upcoming titles.  We were able to take a look, as well as play, How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition.  The game will include additional content adding hours of gameplay.  It goes a step further with new modifications. It added more to the environment and its effect on gameplay, a brand new character, cool game modes, extra difficulties, and innovative locations.  How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition is set to release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this month for $19.99.

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition will bring all the action packed survival skills needed into play. The game places in a position where you need to survive on a group of zombie infested islands. In order to preserve your life, you’ll need to fulfill your basic needs. To survive, you will need food, water and shelter while having to face a series of dilemmas. Dangers include zombies and threats derived from the environment itself.  So brace yourself for changing weather conditions such as rain, thunderstorms, fogs, lava and toxic clouds as they can influence the your gameplay.  With the help of a neatly written survival guide, provided by an eccentric stranger, you will learn to craft your own weapons and tools with whatever you can get your hands on. Such items can comprise from fishing rods, bows, chainsaws or even Molotov cocktails.  Players can choose from four different characters. Select from Jack, Abby, and Kenji, (the original trio of playable characters) and the newly added character Nina.  Each one of these character move differently, has different stats, different skill trees, some unique abilities and different finishing moves.  So choose wisely as you embark on this journey with three new improved difficulty conditions for all you hardcore survivalists.  Players will be allowed to navigate the four original islands and venture onto three new and mysterious volcanic islands. Attempt additional game modes where you can roam the islands searching for randomly generated resources. The new survival mode allows you barricade your camp by setting obstacles and traps to protect your people and survive as long as you can.

Players can play with a friend online, or offline, through the story mode or one of eight challenges. Let us not forget the addition of new zombie types, quests, weapons, items, and craftable parts in How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition.  For you achievement hunters out there, comes a bonus of over 20 new achievements. Let the zombie survival commence.

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How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition Teaser Trailer: