EMBER 505 GAMES RPG Press Preview

505 Games Showcase: Ember and Our Conversation With Jeff Birns

Due to a new partnership project between 505 Games and mobile developer N-Fusion Interactive, iOS devices will have access to remarkable game called Ember.  We at Game Rekon were able to get exclusive access to this game during a recent showcase presented by 505 Games and we were able to have a chat with Jeff Birns, CEO and creative director of N-Fusion Interactive. This collaboration just shows how much potential we can expect from Ember. It is an action combat RPG game with a wide array of features and an alluring storyline.

“Commitment takes sacrifice and patience. Ember has been a 10 year commitment that simply eliminates hard work and ambition.”

Ember is filled with many different combat styles as it is a mix of real-time, and turn based combat gameplay. Players will be able to select from different character classes as well as craft their own weapons. Character appearances will be customizable, comparable to games like Diablo 3. That is, once a new gear is equipped or unequipped the appearance of the character will change in game. Ember will indeed provide it’s players with many side quests allowing for many hours of play time. Its interactive 3D world will have a drag and drop feature, making it very suitable for iOS users. Though Ember is an incredibly large world its creators have made it more convenient for players by taking out load time entirely, making it a complete streaming game.

Like many RPG games, players will need to level up their characters and pursue the story in an orderly fashion. Though the map is proved to players fully unlocked, free to roam as you please, you may come across some problems in high level areas if you haven’t reached a fitting level.

Ember will consist of a living environment where, if you look close enough, you will find animals reacting to one another, like wolves hunting deer. It’s none playable characters will also have their own set routines and behaviors throughout the game as well. You can come across these characters cooking in their homes or walking about the city. While you can interact by say, stealing their food, be aware there will be consequences to your actions. Similarly the game will have day and night cycles integrated, where players will experience time of day as well as weather changes.

“Ember is the most powerful thing in the game; I’m talking the most valuable thing in the game. We were looking at it like a planetary resource that we exploit, like oil, eventually we’ll drain out all the oil out of the planet, and we’re gonna have a problem. Maybe us as humans we don’t realize we’re gonna do that.  That was some of the foundation behind what Ember was…” – Jeff Birns

The heart of the game revolves around Ember. It is derived from the concept of a planetary resource, like oil, that is exploited. In the game Ember is seen as the most treasured thing, which plays a vital part to the outcome of the story. Without giving away too much it is advised that when you come across Ember choice wisely when deciding what you do with it. Take notice that your character is a resurrected defender of the Embers from thousands of years ago; in fact one of your companions is actually an Ember in a lantern, who you can talk to.

Ember will provide an exhilarating experience for gamers on-the-go. Ember has been years in the making, consistently growing with the advancement of tablet technology. It has proven itself to be,  I believe, a revolutionized portable game which will be setting the standards high for touch interface RPG games of the future. With its load-free map, drag and drop feature, customizable characters and weapons, interactive world, and stimulating story it really takes the cake. We can look forward to seeing its arrival on PC, though we can expect slight differences in the game, it will still be equally as wonderful.  I, for one, am looking forward to this game.  Though there is no official release date for Ember we can keep our fingers crossed and hope it will be soon.

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