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2015 | Mind Blowing List of Game Releases… And That’s Just The Tip

It’s been a great year of game releases with titles like Dragon Age Inquisition, earning the game of the year, Far Cry 4,  Shadow of Mordor, and several other titles.  However 2015 is going to set the bar high with upcoming releases like The Order: 1887, Battlefield: Hardline, Bloodborne, and so much more. We at Game Rekon are looking forward to 2015 with this amazing list of expected releases.  In the first few months alone gamers can expect a vast array of games which we can only describe as the best party you’ll ever have in your pants and here is why…

Saints Row IV: Re- Elected + Gat Out of Hell

Saints-Row-IV-Gat-out-of-Hell-2-1280x720 (1)

Saints Row IV: Re- Elected + Gat Out of Hell is a new installment to the Saints Row franchise.  Saints Row will be taking on a massive twist to it’s storyline by incorporating the least likely of concepts.  Let’s take player to Hell they said, they’ll love that.  As it so happens we do like it, we like it alot.  After being sucked into Hell players take on Satan and his forces to help save the… President?  With the addition of Hell creators where able to add a whole new atmosphere, set of unique abilities, and weaponry.  Gat out of Hell just makes Saints Row bad to the bone.  Can I also point out the new armchair weapon?!  It’s a movable armchair equipped with dual mini-guns on the arm rests and has the ability to launch anti-aircraft missiles upon recline.  That my fellow gamers is laziness at it’s finest. If you liked Saints Row before, you are bound to enjoy this journey to hell.  If didn’t, well, you too will enjoy this journey to hell it’s that simple. Saints Row IV: Re- Elected + Gat Out of Hell is set to release on January 20th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. Gat out of Hell will be available standalone for $19.99 or in a bundle set as Saints Row IV: Re- Elected + Gat Out of Hell for $49.99.

The Order: 1886


The Order: 1886, developed by Ready at Dawn, is set in the year 1886 in the Victorian Era of London.  Play as Galahad, a man who is known for his use of advanced technology, as he battles out a threat that just may determine the course of history forever.  What makes this game so highly anticipated, well, that will differ from one gamer to the next but what it comes down to is the storyline.  Given this is a mere assumption but The Order: 1886 seems to hold a well thought out storyline.  Using actual historical figures and events, and intertwining it with myths and ledges, not to mention the immersive presentation, we can really expect a tasteful play through.  With the advanced technology thrown into the mix we see a profound emphasis on time, or is that just me?  This game will be kept as a good old fashioned single player third person shooter game with similar movement mechanics found in games like Gears of War and Uncharted which we all know can’t be a bad thing.  The Order: 1886 is set to release on February 20th for the PlayStation 4, as it is an exclusive release, for $59.99.

Battlefield: Hardline


Battlefield: Hardline, like previous Battlefield games, will be a first person shooter game with added features that we have yet to see in previous Battlefields.  Battlefield: Hardline will now have grappling hooks and zip-lines incorporated into the game so if you find yourself in dyer need of getting the camper on the building rooftop, feel free to deploy your grappling hook and take them down.  Another feature that may just make you multiplayer fans happy is the new feature that allows players to take ammo and health from fellow support players as you may find that they are doing a shitty job in dropping them.  Campaign mode will also set a pretty simple, yet cool, concept which allows players to flash their badge to enemies allowing for a more “pleasant” approach.  Battlefield: Hardline takes it a step further with these new features as well as dubbing itself a fast paced game.  Many have found that this aspect took away from the “Battlefield feel” as it now takes on the traits of Call of Duty.  We disagree in that Hardline, to us, still takes on a feel different from that of Call of Duty.  Battlefield: Hardline is set to release on March 17th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, for $59.99.


bloodborne.0_cinema_1280.0 (1)

Bloodborne, developed by FromSoftware, is an action RPG game from the creators of Dark Souls.   Players will arm themselves with some unique weaponry, not limited to a saw cleaver, as they explore the dark and Gothic city of Yharnam.  Players can expect underground ruins filled with traps, beasts, and rewards with the chalice Dungeons.  Similar mechanics and gameplay styles of Dark Souls is to be expected, but honestly, who’s complaining right?  Bloodborne will still have its own set of tweaks that will help set it aside from Dark Souls aside from it’s setting and environment.  Such features will allow players  “the regain system” giving players the ability to gain health via a well timed counter attack which doesn’t necessarily have to be applied to the enemy that caused you damage.  The idea is to see more players take on the offensive approach when playing Bloodborne.  Overall, if you loved the Dark Souls games you are more then likely to love this game.  Bloodborne is set to release on March 24th for the PlayStation 4, as it is an exclusive, for $59.99.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been by far the biggest teased game I’ve seen this year.  With the release of Grounds Zeroes in March earlier this year giving players the sweet pleasure of enjoying a fraction of The Phantom Pain.  Followed by the introduction of Quiet and a look into multiplayer, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has proven it’s ability to live up to the hype. Phantom Pain is an open world action adventure game maintaining its famed stealth gameplay that players have loved for years.  This game will allow for complete freedom of choice when strategizing the completion of a mission making every mission unique ever time.  Player will also enjoy the time of day, and weather changes giving a realistic feel throughout the game. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is set to release on March 31st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, for $59.99.

Prepare yourself for 2015, as we have these games, and so many others to look forward to.

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